Molds for metal stamping

FORMA-PLUS® LLC carries out projects of compression molds of any complexity: cold-channel, hot-channel, combined, with hydraulic or the mechanical drive of mobile elements, etc.
The initial data for the start of design work can be: sketch, drawing, sample part or 3D model.
Based on the information obtained, a 3D model of the product is performed and, if necessary, the customer is assisted in optimizing the design of mold parts in accordance with the technological requirements of the injection molding process to obtain the best quality finished parts.
The next stage: the technical task for the design of the mold, which reflects all the requirements and wishes of the customer to equip. We select the version of the mold design that best meets the customer’s requirements for the quality of parts and production program, the capabilities of the equipment on which the equipment will be manufactured with minimal costs for the manufacture and subsequent operation of the mold.